False Witness Lie Loving Words Shattering Faster Than Any Storm Could

Carolina Beach, steamy Atlantic, a slow churning sea as my back yard garden,
Bluefish, drum, cobia racing past the ocean road of Hatteras bound two mast ships.
They’ll get there by break of dusk, before the fogs and errant sands appear along
Trails where racing tides follow same paths as those drifting our coastline,
On the currents of our great Intercoastal Waterway, Walking waters dune to dune
Between herds of grazing flounder, lobster and ever curious sea bream, hypnotic,
Where it seems only marsh is resting there is more life than imagined fluttering
In the star and moonlight, shifting to hide under floodlights blinded into actions
Of both hunger and fear. These waters these paths these dunes rise and fall
With hurricanes lifting homes off their stilts, asphalt from concrete, SUVs shelter.
House where I lived not long enough to be a home. Such are the Outer Banks.
Better a cottage than me out becoming coral reef, better anything than me
For the time being, for anytime back then when I had more friends than life,
More love around than the silence found in a hurricane’s Horus eye,
Here above me, around everything daring to love the sea more than inland life.
Down, damned and drained I’ve lost everything four times over
Storms, divorce, fire and slow burning cancer suddenly exploding
Taking things of life to expose this flesh, this person, this too broken damaged creature
Best at all things never of the social and the safe.
Give me a wave and riptide, hungering streams and rain devouring rockslides
Something to build upon when blood and love say no, no to all things beyond my grave.
Give me NO so I have land to cross and love lies to build upon, build upon here.

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