April 28 Drone You Wind Blown Spring Drone Me ON

Dine on this you scythe bearing whore in black, I will bare my teeth and dare you enter my home today, today I drone and drone and drone and drone and will not let you in my space hopper, it’s a one seater and I am one man floating with a month of sickness I will not give into, nope, too much to love, to much to create and express, to write and feel, life has hardly begun you speechless whore, and so I play and I play and I hear what songs the planets sing today and today they say more than I could ever speek

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Protest Discord Melodic Despise Trump Drone


This is a protest song. I despise the new president, am ashamed of his inaugural speech and have nothing good at all to say of him. Tell my close friends and family you are worried because this is a discordant and melodic, awful vocals, distorted to squeeks and squawks in some parts and is hateful, just all out spiteful and hateful for the beast in chief. If you know you will dislike it and need to tell me I am an idiot and antiAmerican dumbass, fine, First Amedment allows us this pleasure just be nicer to me than I am towards that family.. I will delete it anyway. That aside, I hope you give it a chance. Hear it as modernist, as protest and for the craft. I worked 12 hours finalizing it. It is not easy to sing as badly as I do. I do not understand why people like him, and when they try to tell me they always turn devilish and mean which speaks volumes more than my paltry work. Peace, Love, Hope.

I wish it used the attached photo when I post to FB or other sources instead of photo of me in heaven with Hong Kong Cuisine.

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