The real must be made ideal, and the ideal must be made real. (Hegel)

This is all about poetry, music, food and philosophy. Contemplative Catholicism and Buddhism are irreplaceable marks upon my works and words, as are the works of Spinoza, Hegel, Wittgenstein and Heidegger. It does not make me a heretic. It makes heretics of those unable to discern what is of God. Expressing God is Expressing Love.
I was Mahayana Buddhist for 30 years. 5 years training Zen meditation as supplement to unite me even deeper into the natural world. Not to separate me from social harmony or wisdom and experience, but to unite the world -as.


So, all that is in here relates .The miracle is real.

Previous restaurants Chef Lamar’s Iron Grill, East West Bistro, Windchmes,St. Orres, Mansion and Abbey, Hilton, Ritz Carleton, Old Town Inn.

My life is a Romance. It is a romance with food. It is a Romance with. There are people that I love, you know who you are, you see yourself in these words, music, in the foods in this pursuit of beauty and the delicious. I poem or music each day, what does not live as either becomes essay or food, yeah cool food!

These posted essays and articles have been previously published in monthly magazines Southern Distinction, Atlanta Food & Beer, Monterey Bay Aquarium News, Kikkoman website, JetBlue Magazine, and Atlanta Cuisine, then places I do not recall. The poetry is all over the country, and world, in University and underground press publications, anthologies, and wherever I can publish. Themes are the South, the sensual, things felt, romantic, beloved and passionate love, modern jazz, Classical to Contemporary classical music, World Cuisines, and points not mentioned or known exactly from inside; my life in the thrill of living on each coast, Outer Banks, San Francisco, Mendocino, Macinack Island, travels outside and across this beautiful land; and the love of Asian culture, History of Ideas in the West, California Cuisine, Island, Pacific Rim, Haute Cuisine, Latin culinary perspectives. One cannot limit perspective when open to the world as is, whether as experienced, envisioned or contemplated.

The music from Gypsy Baroque to Mahler, Manchester Sound, Southern rock, John Coltrane-Pharoah Sanders-Keith Jarret-Chick Corea-Miles Davis-jazz, Indian Classical, Sufi, music of the folk worldwide folk music is fascinating, and country blues to pure rock. Nothing in the world is created without passion. What is not fascinating?

“Novalis: The World must be made Romantic.”

And that is what this is all about, “Ginger, Lily And Sweet Fire: A Romance With Food”;a book published by the rascally RD Armstrong and Lummox Press, is a beautiful example of my expressions in cuisine and poetry together.

Please comment and let me know you were here. It helps me edit where needed. There is always room to improve. Walt Whitman edited Leaves Of Grass until his death, and The Deathbed Edition is remarkable. St John Perse. W.H. Auden. Li Po. Modern American poetry. Modern everchanging cuisine. The life of jazz symphonies, to the late Beethoven, Wagner, Puccini, Verdi, Poulenc, Mozart Opera, Tchaicovsky, Gorecki, Hindemith, Ginestera, John Tavener,  to the holy works of Arvo Part, it has no end, all things go on and the life lived is always aware, there is always something interesting, and if not then I guess one must be human and recognize limits. It is all represented in my works and words, this life. Some things are boring, aren’t they? Such as this side biography, it can be boring.


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