The real must be made ideal, and the ideal must be made real. (Hegel)

This is all about poetry, music, food and philosophy. Catholicism and Buddhism are irreplaceable marks upon my works and words. It does not make me a heretic. It makes heretics of those unable to discern what is of our God, The Trinity, Angels and Saints, the Holy Virgin and the Eucharist. Mass is a prayer. We ask the Lord to join our flesh with his and his blood with ours through Communion. It is real.
You may say we communicate through the wound.
I was Mahayana Buddhist for 30 years. five years training Zen meditation as supplement to unite me even deeper into the natural world. Not to separate me,
but to unite. God does exist in Buddhism, just in a different form that what our forefathers designed as our God, the Father, Holy Spirit Son.It is complicated and is best explored in a diffeent fashion that what is offered in the present context.
I was saved in an instant. The miracles you hear about. I hated the Church. I was not at all prepared for Christ the Crucified look down upon me and speak from within as he warmed my soul, “why do you hate me, hate no more, I am here in constant death for you all. I looked up at the Crucifix. said “SO, I guess I am a Catholic”,
“Yes,beloved. we are one together.” I never looked back. Now, to deny that Buddhist thought does not occur would be a lie and there are those times I found myself at odds with the Church but I refused to give up, and as I did so, God further allowed
more temptations and thought. I LOVE that I was blessed to have been given this chance. I thank woman of God, who I loved with all my life, as her patience and love made it possible. Being stupid, I thought I should vow celibacy, and forego argument with any Catholic. I wanted to learn. Many many many temptations have been
given me and I, with the guidance of my Saints and Guardian Angel of my childhood have been able to face many challenges. It is amazing.

Music has always been a big part of my life. I taught myself piano as a child after my brother and sister had their piano lessons. It was fun. I still play chords and work on notations and structure.

So, all that is in here relates .The miracle is real.

Previous restaurants Chef Lamar’s I me aron Grill, East West Bistro, Windchmes,

St. Orres, Mansion and Abbey, Old Town Inn.

My life is a Romance. It is a romance with food.

There are people that I love, you know who you are, you see yourself in these words, in the foods

and in this pursuit of beauty and the delicious. Delicious food, yeah!

These posted articles, or blogs, have been previously published or are to be published in monthly

magazines Southern Distinction, Atlanta Food & Beer and Atlanta Cuisine. The poetry is all over the country in

University and underground press publications. Themes are the South, World Cuisine, my life

in the thrill of living on each coast and the love of Asian culture, Haute Cuisine, Latin culinary perspectives,

music from Gypsy Baroque to Mahler, Manchester Sound, Southern rock and country blues

to pure rock. Nothing in the world is created without passion.

“Novalis: The World must be made Romantic.”

And that is what this is all about, “Ginger, Lily And Sweet Fire: A Romance With Food”;

a book being published by the rascally RD Armstrong and Lummox Press.

Please comment and let me know you were here.usic


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