A set of songs and poems, thoughts and food articles. I hope you enjoy. Peace. Love. Faith.

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She Held His Hand

“I want to tell you a song about a girl, but I can’t find my way back home again, and then we did” Just because I copped a phrase from the original. Some of the songs have been moved around or lost after I changed format. Hopefully not too much has been changed. This stuff […]

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A Place Called Here…A Place Named Home

Be Happiness, Be Hope, Be the Love that our dear ones need, but we are also human, and it ain’t easy, money, time, place, the unknown. I fail. I try. I fail again. I try again. I do think I am alone. I do not believe I am alone. I know I am not alone. We are together, linked in a chain of humanity, one that does not make a slave of us, but one that binds us together, a spiritual chain of wonder and goodness

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For Roscoe Holcomb, Vocals Banjo

Fifth poem for Mendocino Blues
This is about Roscoe Holcomb one of the most transcendental, high pitched, claw finger banjo and guitar players discovered by accident in the Kentucky hills. One of the most moving musicians found in those early years of the 60s when people were searching our mountains for singers and story tellers who connected us back to Scotland and Ireland to the folk songs older than folk.

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Mendocino Blues

These are the first set of poems for a re-edited version with new poems, poems deleted and poems perfected. I hope you find something of the heart, the spirit in my poetry. It is alive.New recordings, edited and new poems out the life of Southern traveler, alone, searching out life in every avenue and spring, […]

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