The 3 Branches of Government Burning

the title says it all. I was meditating and all of a sudden an image of the three branches of government being destroyed crossed across my eyes, a screaming in my ears, the sense of fear when all the hairs on your are are standing up, and the 25th Amendment revealed. What can I say? Do I want to see him removed or swinging from old hickory strung up like treasonous officials once were, and in China you get have the bullet sent to you but you must also buy the bullet, so it would be a nice adornment for the bride of Frankenstein or Groper In Chief and his puppy Paul false Catholic Ryan as The Smirk, as I prefer.
The Sound of 3 Branches of Government Burning Down, All Cowards Inside – 5:17:17, 9.20 AM by H Lamar Thomas is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Meditation: Heart Chakra Prayer for Peace, Chaos & Balance

A meditation using singing bowls. As this is a Prayer for Peace for the Heart Chakra, Balance and Chaos at times are in the mix.
This one is more intense, the breathing must push out the bad atmosphere to move the mind and heart able to absorb love/peace as positive from all that surrounds, this is the balance.
Afterwards, allow 5 to 20 minutes of breathing. Sandalwood and aloe wood; and jasmine & amber are best incense for any meditation, really.
I hope the unintentional sound of my movements does not interfere with the essence of the prayer to peace.

Heart and Throat Chakra Singing Bowls West to East Upon Waves of Peace

This is what it is, me learning my way through the singing bowls, cymbals and single note bell moving with tension through Western meditation and into the different stages, kinds of Eastern breath oriented so it sounds a bit heavier towards the end. It is long, just over an hour but I find these prayers are much deeper than any I have felt my way through before. I have one more bowl and a dragon cymbal coming which will complete the scale I work best within. This one is dedicated to a dear friend. So I hope you find peace and don’t get irritated as I find my way through these beautiful sounds, to me at least, as they resonate through the body and the specific Heart and Throat Chakras.