Milarepa Freeing Channa of his Demon

This is from a story from the 100,000 Song of Milarepa, a Buddhist mystic, poet. It is the third in a series I am writing in combining his works so they are understandable for the modern age. The repetitive nature is essential as it is a chant/song, that echoes the Diamond Sutra. Milarepa’s cave above Devils Lake was always being invaded by one thing or another and this time it was 3 demons. He understood their evil nature so he fed them, get them drunk and then chanted holy sutras to free the bodies of the demon. In this case it was a demon who became known as Channa. Channa, the man, built several altars and a Buddhist temple in the Tibetan to Nepal plateau in honor of Gautama and for Milarepa. Much was done to get his works out Tibet when China slaughtered and robbed their way into a friendly annexation with Tibet. So, I am rewriting some works for modern times staying with the story itself and in the manner of repetition and chant as used to remove the demon so that the man, Channa could live. The works are amazing, beautiful, are of a Buddhist prophet and posses great meaning throughout. I hope that it is not too boring but a good story sometimes takes time and this is about an hour at best, but I promise if you let the words and the meter do their thing you will feel the depth of Mahayana Buddhist devotion and beauty in love for one another for a better world.

To Say God is Love Is All There Is: We destroy his gift of this earth we destroy ourselves, so share love, share God. God is Love and when we Love we Share God: Perhaps I should say “What Is:

I kinda think the title says it all. To Love is to Express God. To Express
God is to Love. There is nothing hidden here. The poetry is the final Steinway play during the last three minutes. Some of these are extremely difficult to play though they may sound similar to other of my work, I guess you could say that in this particular format it is a style. It is my way of prayer, to communicate and to be with the real presence of God. Thank you angry, judgemental Catholics for thinking this is musical heresy, I appreciate the misunderstanding as I have appreciated similar throughout my life. You make my skin thicker and my soul more open to love. I dedicate this to Aaron Julian Wegelin and Liz Kerlin.

Mendocino Blues

These are the first set of poems for a re-edited version with new poems, poems deleted and poems perfected. I hope you find something of the heart, the spirit in my poetry. It is alive.New recordings, edited and new poems out the life of Southern traveler, alone, searching out life in every avenue and spring, ocean side and old oak forests, redwood and ferns, lazy mountains, love on fire, the soul, life itself and what it is when the spirit rises

Children of the Manticore (morning song with two pianos)

This has gone through a dozen transformations from five piece down to two. I was happy with two. Each piano has two different programming techniques. Each note is played. I started on it yesterday, slept, and returned to the piano when I woke up, drinking cardamom tea, so it is radically transformed from what it was in the first four to 11 styles, playing, instruments, everything. Manticore is from Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I have written many dedications to Keith Emerson who we lost last year along with Greg Lake. I attribute their entire work to introducing a generation to modern classical music as well as prog rock. I hope you feel the dedication to an artistic idol in this 8 minute work. Love. Peace. Hope. To all, peace love

Holy Breeze Before the Comets Go

Continuation on my imaginings of songs from space, angels melodies whether we agree they are melodic or not, to me they are songs of the soul, of God whispering and shouting, demanding and accepting, beautifully of the body and of spirit, these things these comets that race the universe alone dropping off bits and pieces of matter that in turn become the stuff of birthing planets and dying suns, it sounds like this to me, it always does…and for a birthday I am doing what I love the most, creating, whether it be in music, poetry, food or love, I am happiest feeling that somewhere someone feels the sounds and songs as I do. “as” I do. Love. Peace.

Into a starless beyond

Long meditation on the dying of my thoughts in times so very far away so long ago, it’s hard to describe hard to understand so it is just music, a heavily worked out effort a time that almost destroyed me, and in a way I feel it falling back upon me, pushing me outwards from here into a dreadful, mysterious, place where even ghosts ignore, the fear behind a spiritual crisis so strong and ignoble I don’t know how to talk about except in a wordless, placeless, timeless beyond

Symphony #9 Electronica: Planetary Distance and that of Simply A Hug, a Love (3 parts, first is dissonant so be prepared)

It starts out harsh and dissonant, and as each movement swells into presence it becomes more melodic and warm, until the end where it bounces back and forth as if indecisive and confused, which is the nature of human kind, the subject of this work, until it reaches a point of coherence and affection, of love and the need to be felt, to be held and just to hear the words “I Love You”. That is what this symphony in 3 parts is about, is what it is which is why the comparison to planetary distance. It is as if the world today has become a place of dissonance and gossip, of slander, of fear, of the inability to simply hug one another and say “It’s cool” rather than to pursue hate and argument. Just say It’s Cool, and move on to what is the heart and soul of us all, individual and as a people. Love. Love. Love.

Peace Memorial 2016

Farewell to who were so brilliant and inspiring. Goodbye beloved land, our musical heroes, artists, actors and souls of God. A year, a heartbreak all in one; and yet in spite of a nation devoted to hatreds and greatest of stupid moves, there were a few things that rose to the surface and granted peace in what was lost and what was found. Pray for me. Pray for us.