(Above Demon Lake) Milarepa Found 3 Demons Easy to Confuse

I study Mahayana Buddhism and find there is more than enough to learn in one lifetime. I have read the songs and tales of Milarepa throughout my life. it is only lately though that I have been studying them, singing them, focusing upon them in my meditations. Suddenly, I was just wanted to play a sweet late May piano and organ song to the night, next thing I knew I was channeling the images of the 3 grinning demons masquerading in Milarepas cave above Demon Lake. The seclusion always make the monk, the bodhisattva, the mendicate, the child of God alone in meditation and writing, creating earthly visions to offer to God, to Love, to Peace. But ya know that devil’s always grinning in your face and you have to be ready to charm them into reverse seduction, to lead them to their demise. Metaphors abound. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Meditate. Pray. The ones who wish you evil will find you. Be ready.

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April 28 Drone You Wind Blown Spring Drone Me ON

Dine on this you scythe bearing whore in black, I will bare my teeth and dare you enter my home today, today I drone and drone and drone and drone and will not let you in my space hopper, it’s a one seater and I am one man floating with a month of sickness I will not give into, nope, too much to love, to much to create and express, to write and feel, life has hardly begun you speechless whore, and so I play and I play and I hear what songs the planets sing today and today they say more than I could ever speek

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