TOUCH 2020


Highlights in the high room,
a foyer by some, but just tall by me.
Single tracks stream through
silken dust galaxies;
they swirl into these rains,
new rains beyond, but just enough
out upon this new green meadow,
this into, this-as, this being there,
it is the spirit of Love, Beloved,
here leaving new dark corridors,
seamless tunnel rising, driving,
a long passage without sides
which we may reach into, yes,
yet feeling slow warmth,
only air.
it’s only air.

Creation Tides 1.618 Melody Eb major

Creation Tides 1.618 Melody Eb major is an edit with additional tracks. of Contemplation #12. The driving force of timpani and piano is still there, as are the strings. Added Indonesian Gamelan and Tubular Bells. Scale changed from D major to Eb major.

The Melody appears, alters and returns throughout seemingly without structure, but there is, structure. Waves and lines merge.

This is a straight up contemporary classical electronic etude.  No video, just music. Hope someone anyone likes it.

Hanged Man (3rd version based on “King and” or “Arms of Mammon”

[note: Read slowly, forceful, accent on consonants]

Hanged Man

Vanity towers bury bonds
Calls friendship an illusion
A way to shelter for self grandeur
These ash washed grave robbers
Worship sincerity in gray mirrors
The reflection is a liar god
Do not breath same air as they
Who live as one cluster
Defy the shallow knave of swords
False heart, vision cannibal
Moments, like some earth of the dead.
Sell what cannot be sold?
You are true, of heart and soul, Run!
Rise up and remove from those who beguile
There is no ruler only those who are ruled.

Contemplation #12-Self Importance Towers Devour and Bury…This


(a short piano, strings and timpani piece based on Kundalini Yoga breathing for release of negative energy, or release of anger, the sound is HAR HAR HAR (thank you, Mandeep Khalsa) which is similar to HUT or HUD, and yes to Chuck Jones and Disney cartoons on the funny side of life, and to bring love we must expel anger)

Hope you dig it. Forgive the visuals as I am awful with photos and videos where my passion from birth is for poetry, food, music and philosophy. In those I am in peace.

The series on Contemplation and Meditation is long and I have never really counted or categorized the music together which is not laziness as much as it is that I seem to write on these elements more than others if not nature and love.  I added a track and changed dynamics and various elements of sound yesterday, 4.12.19, so this is not the final version.



Medical “professionals” the New Death Dealers “Oh it’s congress not us” BS!!!

/Users/h.lamarthomas/Desktop/The Sound of Doctors As Death Dealers No Longer

Recorded as a six track electronic meditation on greed, doctors, their animosity towards us evil Medicaire people they told to quit working or die, so they make the rest of life unbearable wicked and all shame. Thanks for the upgrades Logic Pro and Garage Band, it recorded two tracks and kept warning of overloads. Thanks for more ripoffs in the greater new America.

“ph you don’t like the new hire to flirt with your doctor while he has a needle in your spine?  She was demeaning in a meeting?” YES.

“Well we a re a family here and if one person is unkind to you then you are the bad guy even after a decade of so called friends and compassionate relation.”

so said a certified letter two days before a scheduled set of epidurals after I was nearly beaten to death. Who cares? I am a bitch. Oh woe is me. I am dying again, so I cannot speak of it because I am just whining and not looking for a compassionate ear, just to listen, nothing more, just to know I am not alone.

I am alone. Yes, I understand everyone has it harder than I, I understand I do not matter.

Hateful medical care. “you are unhappy with our sadistic treatment?  You can go somewhere else.” “Barter for your injections, today? Who cares Humana pays all and I pay fifty dollar copay, they want to raise my part just for the greed of it all. I had to ARGUE and barter like in a flea market over my pinching soon to kill me spine. Who Cares? Don’t speak. Shut up and die.

“White blood cells continuing to escalate and red blood cells being eaten up? Yes. I cannot afford treatment. I must shut up and die. I hate what has become of our once compassionate nation. Now it is just a race to see who can lie and deceive the most. Come on office dwellers, where is the profit? Don’t speak. Don’t speak. Don’t be seen. Just shut up and die. Thanks, Doctor Asshat.