To Say God is Love Is All There Is: We destroy his gift of this earth we destroy ourselves, so share love, share God. God is Love and when we Love we Share God: Perhaps I should say “What Is:

I kinda think the title says it all. To Love is to Express God. To Express
God is to Love. There is nothing hidden here. The poetry is the final Steinway play during the last three minutes.

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A Place Called Here…A Place Named Home

Be Happiness, Be Hope, Be the Love that our dear ones need, but we are also human, and it ain’t easy, money, time, place, the unknown. I fail. I try. I fail again. I try again. I do think I am alone. I do not believe I am alone. I know I am not alone. We are together, linked in a chain of humanity, one that does not make a slave of us, but one that binds us together, a spiritual chain of wonder and goodness

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Destroying Angel

Just feeling the hardness of peering into the place where shadows form, in the dark and beauty, the light and grandeur of what Artists who were a presence, of what they left behind and the pain they hid inside the celestial forms.

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Holy Breeze Before the Comets Go

Continuation on my imaginings of songs from space, angels melodies whether we agree they are melodic or not, to me they are songs of the soul, of God whispering and shouting, demanding and accepting, beautifully of the body and of spirit, these things these comets that race the universe alone dropping off bits and pieces of matter that in turn become the stuff of birthing planets and dying suns, it sounds like this to me, it always does…and for a birthday I am doing what I love the most, creating, whether it be in music, poetry, food or love, I am happiest feeling that somewhere someone feels the sounds and songs as I do. “as” I do. Love. Peace.

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Into a starless beyond

Long meditation on the dying of my thoughts in times so very far away so long ago, it’s hard to describe hard to understand so it is just music, a heavily worked out effort a time that almost destroyed me, and in a way I feel it falling back upon me, pushing me outwards from here into a dreadful, mysterious, place where even ghosts ignore, the fear behind a spiritual crisis so strong and ignoble I don’t know how to talk about except in a wordless, placeless, timeless beyond

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Protest Discord Melodic Despise Trump Drone


This is a protest song. I despise the new president, am ashamed of his inaugural speech and have nothing good at all to say of him. Tell my close friends and family you are worried because this is a discordant and melodic, awful vocals, distorted to squeeks and squawks in some parts and is hateful, just all out spiteful and hateful for the beast in chief. If you know you will dislike it and need to tell me I am an idiot and antiAmerican dumbass, fine, First Amedment allows us this pleasure just be nicer to me than I am towards that family.. I will delete it anyway. That aside, I hope you give it a chance. Hear it as modernist, as protest and for the craft. I worked 12 hours finalizing it. It is not easy to sing as badly as I do. I do not understand why people like him, and when they try to tell me they always turn devilish and mean which speaks volumes more than my paltry work. Peace, Love, Hope.

I wish it used the attached photo when I post to FB or other sources instead of photo of me in heaven with Hong Kong Cuisine.

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