April 28 Drone You Wind Blown Spring Drone Me ON

Dine on this you scythe bearing whore in black, I will bare my teeth and dare you enter my home today, today I drone and drone and drone and drone and will not let you in my space hopper, it’s a one seater and I am one man floating with a month of sickness I will not give into, nope, too much to love, to much to create and express, to write and feel, life has hardly begun you speechless whore, and so I play and I play and I hear what songs the planets sing today and today they say more than I could ever speek

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She Held His Hand

“I want to tell you a song about a girl, but I can’t find my way back home again, and then we did” Just because I copped a phrase from the original. Some of the songs have been moved around or lost after I changed format. Hopefully not too much has been changed. This stuff […]

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