No longer with East West Bistro

I am no longer involved with The East West Bistro in Athens, GA.
This was my beloved from 1995 to 2010. All things have a beginning, an ending and then appear again in another shape and way, and so it is for the restaurant business where things come and go in flash and frenzy.

Soon there will be a new place for the marriage of the foods of the Mediterranean and the ever so Near East…soon…and until then there will be even better dishes developed here to share…soon…

8 Replies to “No longer with East West Bistro”

  1. Sorry to hear that. One of the things I always tried to do when got back to Georgia was to make a trip to Athens to see you and and eat at East-West.


    1. Hey Art, it has been a great pleasure in my life serving the likes of you and your daughter. I am only sorry that William never came to the restaurant.
      There will be another life, another place that loves the progressive and modern cuisines of the world, of our home and of our life.
      Thank you, and all love to you and your family.


  2. Sorry to hear the news, Lamar. E-W rocked while you were in the kitchen. Here’s looking forward to better and greater things


  3. Damn. I loved the playfuness of your menu and the warmth of your heart. It will be a brighter day when you helm a different ship.


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