To turn the other cheek means to hold your ground, do not give in to oppression

The more wounded we become
the more the shame rounds us up,
It fixes all eye upon a day never come and never seen,
The Union shouts in papers and television
Their God arrives in slick metal and poison,
An armor betrayed by cowardice and rage,
And then here we are in the dark together
No weapons among us, just a song, a belief,
Roaring “One nation together we are strong!”
And then the black suits come with tear gas
And Kevlar shields, tan horses hold the line,
Gandhi said to lay down and let the powers stride by,
Jesus said to stand strong by turning the cheek,
To not run, to stand, to hold to our love,
Our love is our land, our America, our Constitution,
But all across in our great cities they kept
A march into the crowds, they turned weapons
On her people, unarmed, just chanting,
But still weapons were turned upon the Voices
Of our land and the media showered a black snow
On their words, changed the message by acting stupid,
And they let the weak dollar pile up behind them,
They let a cursed corner of New York command
Our America into submission, and for today they have won,
For today the winds lay down their words
And America acts like a fool, worship their Police in full
Battle dress, with the assurance that we did submit,
But I’m here to tell you that resistance never dies,
War pipes play across the Union, we remain,
No matter what they do we remain One country,
Hear the distant pipes playing Come Out Americans,
Give me freedom over Broad and Wall,
Freedom over the lies of Savings and Trust,
And what the hell you say? No one did a thing
When armed Policemen came to take aim on each other,
They took aim on Americans who dared to say
That our leaders have gone wrong, who dared to say No!
To being round up and told to go away, SWAT teams,
So where are you all now who say we are free,
Where are you all now who still have lips to sing
Who have the power but set it aside for another day,
And I know what you think, you have a full belly,
A rebellion took place while you were eating,
We lost the war for American independence.
We are own oppression. Culturally, physically
And in our hearts we found the cash cows won,
We found the guns were in our own hands
And at that moment America died,
A new fascism rose up out of the struggle that never was.
And while y’all watched each voice was round up
Used in commercials for midnight dreams
Where once and for all business and the Republic
Came together and said the marriage was sanctified.
All I can say is “go to hell you bastards”,
America is not this thing you spewed out in Homeland papers,
America is her people, and we will rise up.

2 Replies to “To turn the other cheek means to hold your ground, do not give in to oppression”

  1. Impassioned. You have freedom of assembly; but if you dare to dig the ground or make decisions they come for you with nightsticks and pepper spray. ‘We will rise up’ – go for it, complete the American Revolution – in 1776 it was only half-done.

    I like the interpretation of turning the other cheek as a heroic act.

    Marie Marshall


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