Against the Orange Beast

the writing may be a bit out of order, fixing it after SoundCloud did their reversal thing did not really fix it all, my fault but it’s been a long day, me say “ugh!”


First, I quit smoking not a drag since 12 years ago, i just like the photo cause it reminds me of photos of French resistence and that sort of thing. See, there was the largest mass murder last night in American history. I blame it in part on the Orange Beast and his form of fascist, stalinist, little queenie hitler style hatred for all that is not “normal”. I hate normalcy. But I was born and did pursue al life as a servant a long time ago in food, poery, music, literature, hence I am a sesrvant. I am OK with that. Since I read and remember history, and what I read I was reminded of how the littel weanie leaders like the tiny hands of the Orange Beast or Kim Jong Un Batshit Crazy always go after Art. They demand what Art is acceptable and what is not. I like the stuff little queenie hitler and proably tiny hands Orange Beast dislike. So, here is the serious part, in honor of those murdered and in warning to what hate speech does, the impact it has on the insane.part four…..So, this two piano and strings concerto is atonal, tonal and drone filed down to about 8 to 10 minutes. It has its own particular merit as a dadaist work, but it is also to remind us that the Orange Beast, drunken Alaska lady, stalin, hitler and mussolini each had an impact on the insane and innocent, good people were slaughtered. When you lose respect for life and worship the works of Mammon as property then we are in trouble. Stand up and fight. Whether you compose music, write essays, talk shows, regular discussions, anything. Stand up to hate. Look hate in the eye and tell them you LOVE them and wish them the best of mental health they can afford. I know that I would have been axed right away in the Weirmach whatever as a decadent artist.
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….I composed, played and arranged this piece in honor to the avant gade, surrealist, dadaist movement in Europe at the time when tiny hand hitler, not tiny hands Drump, but I am sure he would find this piece horrific as would his whore wife
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… Especially bi polar schizophrenia types who can change faces and minds in an instant and it is the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. I was less that 10 yards from a black bear in Rocky Crag National Forest Idaho wilderness, just me and a black bear. It stood up. I stood still holding the same smile and fly rod as when he saw me. I did not move. So I’ve been scared before.
Posted 16 minutes ago16 minutes You say at 0:14:part five…so get out your intelligence. Be intelligent. Inspire justice. Let the insane know that they are seeking to destroy not create. FORCE the legisalature to work more than 124 days a year, and that they cannot five themselves raises or insurance benefits without the judgement of the people. Too many are being killed because these idiots in office fail to realize that words are oraganic, words have a life, words are tools of the dark angels and the darkness is upon us all. Fight with your mind. Fight with your Art. Do not wait to be harmed. Be alarmed and take tai chi or some form of martial arts. do not be a target. When people lose respect for life and worship buildings and walls over compassion and humanity then you know you have the very very wrong people running for office. Be the fly on the ass of Ionia. Run them out of America. We have no place for the Orange Beast. We have no place for fascists and stalinists. Be free. Act Free. Live Free.
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