Zone Peace is a Covenant




Based on my overall complete and compelled by, beauty and love that Miyazaki lets float across the screen. His world is populated with winter/spring piano music. I’m just mockingbird in the nihgt, singing to any who will hear my call. Love. It is Love. We must love the heart of the evil and vile among us, we must pray they seek the phantaste of a door leading to warring worlds and peaceful countrysides, and of course, riding a friendly wolf dragon makes it even more a cares of the senses, please place your anger in the right places. Love will emerge. God Loves You More. Hand your fears and worries over to God, take time to ride your wolf dragon across star shining skies, and just for a moment there is Peace, peace before the shouts and clamor, the curses and angry awakenings, leave them all worlds emerge, new hearts sing, for that heart, for purity which would allow again shake aware the hatreds. Please if you must hate, then hate the right thing, if you must war the war against the right will and ideology. Feel like a Miyazaki film score. I just want a touch of innocence again. Don’t we all, beyond rhetoric, beyond ithe here or there, that even this is the tax of war, we all just want to get away. And others, so if you can, seek peace, when others offer say yes, we are al in one need or another. Just as soon as I find that Tardis key……Hope Faith and Love to all, even the ones who wish to hate.
Please share, and if you dislike, that’s OK, we all have our likes and dislikes. I just feel the need to play and play and write till I drop, the day comes in and out, but I can feel what we have done, I can feel on my skin the idiot logic that ruled our Legislators for the past 26 years. Glad Artists have a place. What good are the 124 day work year people, they have no idea, no love, no vision of what the world is and what it will become in their hands. Rise up. Rise up one and all.


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