The Heavy Rains of January (a Mendocino night)


I was trying to play as fast as I could on bass notes while playing through one of my meditations/prayers talking to God, if I am so allowed. There are those who wrongly believe that one may converse as in prayer with God while playing music. Why no? Someone tell me why not?
The darkness that gets blamed on the blues with a meeting with the devil in a crossroads at night, which I firmly believe, works even more a method of the Holy. You think Bach just flew around the key boards on his own? We say God’s hand was upon his. Bach is often referred to as a most Holy and divine composer. What if it were the opposite? All it takes is a change in belief in the soul of Bach.
Why are we Southerners always blamed as meeting the devil in the rain at Church crossroads? /why can we not meet with God’s Angels and Saints?

The gravestone is a six foot tall monolith with one of my poems. Strange to see my name on a gravestone. Dan was beloved. He was a friend of mine.



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