A Place Called Here…A Place Named Home

it is what it is, a song to God among the stars, distant homes, places unknown, the sometimes futile path to Be Happiness even among the worn and weary. Be happiness. If we always were we would never feel so alone. But it’s cool. There is much to be learned, to discover and open up to our loves and friends, to our lives, and that is to Be Happiness, Be the Love that God so openly shares with us all, even in the darkest of days, the most hopeless hours, let the love and patience of the Lored sink in, to be the Happiness, to be the love. I wish I were a better man. My shortcomings surely include this difficulty, but I am trying. We must try to be humane. Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from the draining sadness, but once recharged try again to Be Happiness, Be Hope, Be the Love that our dear ones need, but we are also human, and it ain’t easy, money, time, place, the unknown. I fail. I try. I fail again. I try again. I do think I am alone. I do not believe I am alone. I know I am not alone. We are together, linked in a chain of humanity, one that does not make a slave of us, but one that binds us together, a spiritual chain of wonder and goodness

2 Replies to “A Place Called Here…A Place Named Home”

  1. Yeah, it’s a short song of asteroids swimming through the cosmic womb to embrace us all in song, if only for a minute, if only to be the happiness and love which so many of us need, require to be humane, to be human, to Be alive and to Be Hope


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