Contemplation #12-Self Importance Towers Devour and Bury…This


(a short piano, strings and timpani piece based on Kundalini Yoga breathing for release of negative energy, or release of anger, the sound is HAR HAR HAR (thank you, Mandeep Khalsa) which is similar to HUT or HUD, and yes to Chuck Jones and Disney cartoons on the funny side of life, and to bring love we must expel anger)

Hope you dig it. Forgive the visuals as I am awful with photos and videos where my passion from birth is for poetry, food, music and philosophy. In those I am in peace.

The series on Contemplation and Meditation is long and I have never really counted or categorized the music together which is not laziness as much as it is that I seem to write on these elements more than others if not nature and love.Β  I added a track and changed dynamics and various elements of sound yesterday, 4.12.19, so this is not the final version.



Red Sky Autumn (Wave in two movements)

Red Sky Autumn: Wave Winds Into Thin Leaf Pines Collapsing Now[

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Symphony #9 Electronica: Planetary Distance and that of Simply A Hug, a Love (3 parts, first is dissonant so be prepared)

It starts out harsh and dissonant, and as each movement swells into presence it becomes more melodic and warm, until the end where it bounces back and forth as if indecisive and confused, which is the nature of human kind, the subject of this work, until it reaches a point of coherence and affection, of love and the need to be felt, to be held and just to hear the words “I Love You”. That is what this symphony in 3 parts is about, is what it is which is why the comparison to planetary distance. It is as if the world today has become a place of dissonance and gossip, of slander, of fear, of the inability to simply hug one another and say “It’s cool” rather than to pursue hate and argument. Just say It’s Cool, and move on to what is the heart and soul of us all, individual and as a people. Love. Love. Love.

Perpetual Space

48:23:10:09 Something special here that was a dream task of sorts for a long time and now it is at a long time. There is a feel, for me, you may want to plug your ears and damn the day you heard or heart this. But why do that to yourself? Why pain, why hurt, why bring distress, why damn the innocent, why hunt for evil, why seek to marginalize people, why kill for the love of some damnation, why not seek love, why not seek what is good, why not create, why not have a nice word, a smile, why not walk away from someone who is just being an asshole, why step into an elevator with a tiger, why tease the dead, why do anything at all if it does not lean towards the creative, towards helping others ,towards an expression of God given creative force, why destroy, why nihilism, why force a people to such extremes that the world itself is being bombed, and come on hateful have all the answers people, I can smell the pitch and sulpher already.
This is from deep in the recesses of dream and is not atonal, not a song, not a vision, not anything except for what it is, Perpetual space. Truly, I hope that whoever may listen to this will find the edame cloudlite in a storm reaching for God. Some people think they have the answers, I did at 16, but we never do, really. Answers are evasive, some are black and white, some have live, some swim deep in the underwater mountains of the Pacific. I think this is quite black and white. It is Perpetual space, except with music. And there is a bit of silence around 20 minute mark but it awakens with a mountain drum. Not exactly Cage silence or the 60s trailblazers, You have to be quiet going by Jupiter, that planet has a temper. HA!