(Above Demon Lake) Milarepa Found 3 Demons Easy to Confuse

I study Mahayana Buddhism and find there is more than enough to learn in one lifetime. I have read the songs and tales of Milarepa throughout my life. it is only lately though that I have been studying them, singing them, focusing upon them in my meditations. Suddenly, I was just wanted to play a sweet late May piano and organ song to the night, next thing I knew I was channeling the images of the 3 grinning demons masquerading in Milarepas cave above Demon Lake. The seclusion always make the monk, the bodhisattva, the mendicate, the child of God alone in meditation and writing, creating earthly visions to offer to God, to Love, to Peace. But ya know that devil’s always grinning in your face and you have to be ready to charm them into reverse seduction, to lead them to their demise. Metaphors abound. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Meditate. Pray. The ones who wish you evil will find you. Be ready.

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For Roscoe Holcomb, Vocals Banjo

Fifth poem for Mendocino Blues
This is about Roscoe Holcomb one of the most transcendental, high pitched, claw finger banjo and guitar players discovered by accident in the Kentucky hills. One of the most moving musicians found in those early years of the 60s when people were searching our mountains for singers and story tellers who connected us back to Scotland and Ireland to the folk songs older than folk.

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Protest Discord Melodic Despise Trump Drone


This is a protest song. I despise the new president, am ashamed of his inaugural speech and have nothing good at all to say of him. Tell my close friends and family you are worried because this is a discordant and melodic, awful vocals, distorted to squeeks and squawks in some parts and is hateful, just all out spiteful and hateful for the beast in chief. If you know you will dislike it and need to tell me I am an idiot and antiAmerican dumbass, fine, First Amedment allows us this pleasure just be nicer to me than I am towards that family.. I will delete it anyway. That aside, I hope you give it a chance. Hear it as modernist, as protest and for the craft. I worked 12 hours finalizing it. It is not easy to sing as badly as I do. I do not understand why people like him, and when they try to tell me they always turn devilish and mean which speaks volumes more than my paltry work. Peace, Love, Hope.

I wish it used the attached photo when I post to FB or other sources instead of photo of me in heaven with Hong Kong Cuisine.

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Meditations: I heard this (for LK darling)

Meditation on the planets. As we receive the slow songs emanating from the spiraling vibrations of the planets as Voyager goes further and further hearing whale songs around the rings of Neptune, vibrations of asteroids, gongs banging as comets pass; these things beyond that are not us give more than most may ever understand. So we push against the gates of Gog and Magog, praying the orange beast is conquered before his Emperor worm spreads out against the winter sky.

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