For Melody in Dmaj Yamaha Grand Piano 4 minutes 12 seconds. April Dreams Awaken 2019

This is a somewhat gentle piano piece, Spring 2019

For Mel, the Melody, a Nocturne in Dmaj April Dreams Awaken

Children of the Manticore (morning song with two pianos)

This has gone through a dozen transformations from five piece down to two. I was happy with two. Each piano has two different programming techniques. Each note is played. I started on it yesterday, slept, and returned to the piano when I woke up, drinking cardamom tea, so it is radically transformed from what it was in the first four to 11 styles, playing, instruments, everything. Manticore is from Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I have written many dedications to Keith Emerson who we lost last year along with Greg Lake. I attribute their entire work to introducing a generation to modern classical music as well as prog rock. I hope you feel the dedication to an artistic idol in this 8 minute work. Love. Peace. Hope. To all, peace love