2 Replies to “Buddhist Cycle of the Hours”

  1. I have to add that it takes an understanding of the vocal style of Peter Hammill of Van der Graf Generator to hear why I sing them as I do. It does sound violent at times because it is as in the case of hour of the Tiger, and for the Ox is it is that we live together that the “I”, the Ox is a friend, a love, not to be sacrificed and eaten but to be allowed to grow old together in the fields and as a lead animal for the younger. IT all connects. We do live in a world that is of many systems of cause and effect. Love. Faith. Peace. Hope. Intelligence. God is love and guide whether by true Buddhism or Catholicism.


  2. This work represents the two hour based time cycle used in the Buddhist nation states prior to western changes where the Buddhist two hour became western 1 hour. The Buddhist cycle names were based on those of the animals in the great race Buddha had to determine the nature of each creature. So the Buddhist day was 12 hours instead of 24. I rather like this system especially for the quality each hour signified. The concept to compose this cycle arose from a dream, so yes, I was compelled to write it. Some of my society think it a heresy to recognize a system of thought, faith and action at least 4000 years old. I find points of interest in all world religions, especially in Mahayana Buddhism and Catholic contemplative life in study and experience of what could seen as mystical, the more supernatural aspects of the faith. I love my Catholicism and find no reason to change. This love of Scripture and Salvation does not negate many of the semblances between the religions, in fact what it does is show how we, as a people, are related within our religions and often where they are in negation of one another. To me, what matters is LOVE.
    Does this or that religion present love, faith and hope as central drives and aspects. We are born into a world of suffering. What do we do? What are we as we grow and develop language, while this language forms we are introduced to the faith of our parents. At some point there is always a revolution of thought. For me it was towards Tibetan Buddhism and eventually Mahayana, even moreso than Zen. What teaches love in action, language and thought is what drives me, what motivates. There are mystical experiences in all religions. I certainly was surprised by what occurred when I had a sudden and dramatic conversion to Catholicism. When you hear Jesus Christ on the Cross ask why do you hate him, and that it is love which is the blood that purifies the soul, that with the body we are joined as beings devoted to the faith by way of his words at the Last Supper, I give you this new Commandment, it is to love and i have loved you. To Love, the 11th commandment. Buddhism as does Catholicism teaches we do no harm, to turn from evil and live a moral life following a set of principles pronounced in the Old Testament and Gospels, as well as in the teachings of the Four Noble Truths and eight fold path. Do no Harm. Turn from evil. Love your fellow man. I am happy. this is so. To me our supreme challenge is to love. So love. Peace, love and faith. hope faith and love.


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