Ghost Music


3 Replies to “Ghost Music”

  1. This is absolutely one of if not the best cycle of songs I have written. I felt as if I were playing myself into the grave at times as it was this uncontrollable need to play. I would get up from my desk and I could feel the piano pulling me back in for just a little more and five hours later I would look up and thank God I was born an artist, that I take back all my self loathing and bathing in guilt for things beyond my control. But who gives a flying frak I’m just another click and beep in this endlessly flowing and ebbing sea of self preservation. A time will come and I cannot afford even to store my works here, and by then I will be forgotten on the wind, not even a name, just a cloud of ether floating towards the rings of Neptune.


  2. The set of music I have titled Ghost Music refers to ways in which the music appeared to me or was created. Hard to explain other than I heard it in my mind, played it, then edited and engineered so that it was as close as possible to the moment of the music itself.


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