Afternoon Jazz for Mike H. and Joe C.

Well, being written between 6 am and 10 am it ain’t exactly afternoon jazz, but that was the feeling I was going for here. These two guys pretty much are in the background of every poem I have or will write, such blood brothers are hard to find and even to think of them I feel blessed that they found me worth having as a friend. So yeah, back to the jazz thing; this is seventies kind of jazz. Still me, can’t take that away, a bunch have flushed me away, but I’m still here Dean, still writing and staying with the crafts God blessed us all to love, and so I do, and so I am, an Artist, and thanks to you two I stayed with it all my willd ass to monk like life, you are my brothers along with Don Chambers, a great man who knows the entiretiy of what is “I” for me. But jazz is hard, so I had to think of them all and what we listened to. Richard Mehlinger and Larry Hicks, Billy Woods and I dug the seventies jazz thing pretty heavy as well. So much Music. So much life to live.

I hope I have done you all well. I hope I have stayed true to poetry and music. I have been so naked and afraid here but it’s the only venue to even get four or five people if not just one to really listen and let the music be the world from which it arose; not the world of our wants and critique, but the thing that is. Here, the that that is is “Me”. I love you.

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