Final version Prayer to Saints Stephen and Barthalamew

 This is about the Saints Stephan, skinned; and Barthalamew, stoned to death to speaking of our Christ. This is dedicated to the forced maiming of women in Islamic nations. Women are not slaves, they are not propety, they are not to be vaginally muttilated so they do not enjoy sex. What kind of scared ass wimp does this? What insanity propels a people into such destruction of the opposite sex? From this we see Besh, or Isis, committing unspeakable acts whcih in turn inspires other insecure men to do the same. Be secure, but they are not, they know the women would run in a second if given the chance. But then some, when interviewed will say the rules from completely covering them in 100 plus degree heat and cutting out the labia is fine. This is what occurs in mass psychology, the mass psychology of fascism in the shape of Islam. Good people, stand up and speak against the horrors. Putin smiles with an obviously sexually confused mullah as they agree ‘yah it’s cool to maim women, whatever.’
The things going through my head I can’t post here, I’d be deleted for speaking my mind against these actions.

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