Cloudscapes Across the Hills Below Trey Mountain

what is it we see when a hilltop is mounted, when we hike or climb, we sit and meditate upon the glory of this land, to cease for a while and look upon one another, upon the land and sky,we breath and there is love, if only there is love…..

One Reply to “Cloudscapes Across the Hills Below Trey Mountain”

  1. It is this land we fight to save from our destroying hand. We create or we destroy, it is that simple. You can see it in the way those whose spirit has been taken speak, how they neglect, how they disregard and pretend to human emotions. Never again. Never again will I see such beauty alone. I cannot let this life lead me away in the night in the tunnel in the blue light and the white without knowing Love has not condemned me to a Christian Hell or to be brought back and make the same mistakes over and over until I get it right, until I say the right words, make the right commitment. And that is how it feels at times in these hermit years when I experience beauty of such nature I can only poem or piano it into being so others can maybe feel just how tremendous and spirit/mind expanding the scenes of our natural world are….for now. The rest is up to us. Live, act, love and act again upon those who would destroy. Silence is death. Silence and desire are what compels. Yes, I am commenting on my own music again because I wrote two magnificent pieces, a concerto and a suite. Man, what a life!


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