Compassion? Reason? What, are you crazy?

I Was Just Thinking About Moral Code in Simplest of Terms

The nature of one creature is not that of another. There is only one human race for example But we act differently culture to culture while remaining of the same race. For some compassion and reason the rule of law, prior to Citizens United when we released the pit viper on the people; before a darkness fell over our land we knew who we were talking to, as in nothing was hidden at to their nature of being compassionate and reasonable or self centered and greedy. We knew who a person was in the South When I lived out West it was a tremendous learning curve in finding the true self. Why ask this?Because things have changed so much we really do not even know our closest friends and even family because a politic of lies and theft, hidden meanings and tricks have made it appear that this is our nature. It is not. It is the nature of the blasphemy of “in God we Trust” written on our money. Compassion and reason must be allowed to return within, behind and as our actions. It represents our humanity. I see it more in a golden retriever than I have in many people. So why is so hard for it? Why must we fight so hard to get truth, compassion and reason out of a person when it is God given, nature in our genes, and most of all our conditions of youth in growing up. We learn to over come by being reasonable, compassionate, trustful people, work at it, we bring our selves back to the nature we were God given at birth.
I feel for our youth seeing a criminal Groper in Chief, a dinosaur cowboy preaching failed conversion therapy and a Smirk of the House as our leaders. They must be taught the opposite of what our government and politicians do, and then explain by n sight. from any number of compassionate sources as to why as human beings we are commanded to act with compassion and trust, reason and a sense of justice.
Laying off the piano for a bit so contemplating on moral philosophy and human nature. I believe if we live by compassion, reason, honesty, fair justice, peace, love and charity then we have a great society. People must work if they are able, a days pay for a days work, to eliminate the words “woman and equality” from ever being in a sentence again. And I know I did not go extreme enough for the satisfaction of all but let us keep this as an example for now. We must fight and work, meditate and converse our way back into a state of being of compassionate, trustful, honest, loving, charitable, peaceful and just people.
Can we do it? I think no but hope yes. Examples show me compassion is ultimately abused. Reason becomes a political excuse for why they steal. Justice determined by what a person can get away with by never paying for use of any specific object or nature. So we press on and keep teaching. Never stop teaching these steps of humanity. If we do not then we will wipe ourselves off the face of this much maligned God given mother earth. In this galaxy of limitless galaxies good is noted and inscribed upon our civics and history books before Texas text book authority finishes lying and changing up our history and the purpose and rule of law as stated in basic civics.
Against all these things we fight, and it sux to have to fight ,but we must, to be moral beings as one human race.

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