Death and Destruction Out for Their Daily Stroll

Let go of your ego and your shame
The desires of the soul will follow
She is evil, black blood drips upon the ground
A smile that is of withering heart and grin decay,
She comes as White Goddess and leaves as Mara
The destroying angel of justice and of love.
With her walks an equal in man:

the bleeding hanged man,
Noose forever bound around his neck,
Yet you try to help to make sense of it all.
Brothers and sisters, there is no making sense.
As one they split the bonds of man and wife,
Of partners, of love, sexuality does not matter,

nor do I wish to name or fall for some division scam

to satisfy every grain of sand as winds blow

and galaxies form and then they are born and die.

This is how they do it, This is how we lose.
Unless we wish all language become a series
Of definition a first, secondary, tertiary one until it fades.
From this earth we find only confusion, divison:

this is as a lack of point at all.

This is what they wanted and do force

and, you with us all are the trap.
If Death and Disease get their way
Upon this wretched daily stroll to destruct and separate,
It will surely come, and then who to blame is not the thing
We are the thing that must be changed. Do it! Do it now!

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