Distant Neptune, of why our ethos, our heart, our fever dreams

I was thinking about….as so many things begin…of ethics and necessity. Distant planet one and the song undulating forever in our preconscious not knowing if to play in happiness or to recover the message and sustained artifacts of the struggle over being and decay, of becoming and destruction, of why. Yeah, just ending with “of why.”

Peace Memorial 2016

Farewell to who were so brilliant and inspiring. Goodbye beloved land, our musical heroes, artists, actors and souls of God. A year, a heartbreak all in one; and yet in spite of a nation devoted to hatreds and greatest of stupid moves, there were a few things that rose to the surface and granted peace in what was lost and what was found. Pray for me. Pray for us.

Meditation: Heart Chakra Prayer for Peace, Chaos & Balance

A meditation using singing bowls. As this is a Prayer for Peace for the Heart Chakra, Balance and Chaos at times are in the mix.
This one is more intense, the breathing must push out the bad atmosphere to move the mind and heart able to absorb love/peace as positive from all that surrounds, this is the balance.
Afterwards, allow 5 to 20 minutes of breathing. Sandalwood and aloe wood; and jasmine & amber are best incense for any meditation, really.
I hope the unintentional sound of my movements does not interfere with the essence of the prayer to peace.

Meditations: I heard this (for LK darling)


Meditation on the planets. As we receive the slow songs emanating from the spiraling vibrations of the planets as Voyager goes further and further hearing whale songs around the rings of Neptune, vibrations of asteroids, gongs banging as comets pass; these things beyond that are not us give more than most may ever understand. So we push against the gates of Gog and Magog, praying the orange beast is conquered before his Emperor worm spreads out against the winter sky.