Prayer for Peace-One Sweet Note There Was Conflict No More

The waters wash away all that remains. Resolution and awakening. The soul must breath. The spirit lives on.

Body Love

This was intended to be a short piece on love. As I played and added more instrumentation and deepened the lower end the more fun it became; it grew as I found myself singing whatever that may be from my throat and lungs along with the harp, grand piano, strings and cello.
I hope it is good. I hope you all enjoy it. Just let it play. Just let the sandalwood incense burn and find your way to where the waves seem to boil and rise and carry you home wherever that may be. For me it is a scene in the shape of body love; of sex, of steam, of the sweetness in her breath.

Sound Poem based on same keyboard thing from Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze is a master German composer and keyboardist, tape, moog and analog forerunner to all we have today.Β  ha!, of massive amounts of keyboards, tape machines, and more of a Moog groupie than for Annie Haslan..of Renaissance…..nah, I guess I am more in love with her voice and presence; but Klaus Schulze made today possible in keyboard music. I spent over 12 hours working out the kinks to keep it melodic prog keyboard but still have the naturalist sound from the angels and the planets. I was playing layered, heavy layered keyboard work with percussion only, it was intense, pretty cool, but out side it was short leaf pine trees blowing around in the Spring Georgia air. I lifted my hands off the keys and never played an electronic instrument again until 15 years later. It took another 10 for me to take it seriously back to my roots of playing for three hours a day and then writing/living poetry the rest of the time not being overly collegiate. Dig. I hope you get kinda lost in this little sparrow of a symphony, #7 In Honor to Klaus Schulze for his album Moonlake.

I was humming a part from a keyboard work by the masterful Klaus Schulze, his album Moonlake. I listen to his analog, then Dark Side of the Moog more than the digital. Not to say anything bad about his digital work at all, for the genius that is Klaus Schulze can be felt throughout his career. I won’t dwell on the lesser times, we all have those and wish them gone. But this little symphony, just a baby, but it is still a symphonic work just sort of happened while playing through notebook and fell into Symphony #7. I just think about the work those early guys put into their work from which we benefit today and it is astounding. I’ll spend weeks of time on orchestrations and suites that I poured my heart and soul into. Only posting it on my site and Word Press. Thinking about a 40 minute version with a broader percussion section. Said I to I this great emptiness.