Ceviche and Poke recipes


Mix cocoa butter powder for all of these if they are going to be served a day later.


8                                    fresh in the shell bay scallops

8                                    fresh oysters in the shell

1                                    lime or lemon

1                                    jalapeno, seeded and minced

1/3 teaspoon              sea salt

Shuck the oysters and scallops. Squeeze the lime over the meat, sprinkle with jalapeno and salt.


8 ounces                        sliced between the thin membranes of flesh, thin

1                                     lime

10 leaves                      cilantro

1/3 teaspoon                sea salt

(½ ounce                    extra virgin olive oil, optional for crudo style)


8 ounces                        corvina or snapper species, boneless/skinless

1                                     orange

1                                     lemon

1/3 teaspoon                 red aji pepper, ground (New Mexico Red Pepper)

½ teaspoon                   sea salt

½ ounce                       cilantro, leaves and stems

1 ounce                        olive oil, a mild one

1 tablespoon                poblano pepper

1 tablespoon                        red bell pepper

Thin slice the fish between the grains so that you have very thin slices with no membrane or silver skin. Place between sheets of plastic wrap or butcher paper and gently tap with the back of a cleaver, or use a flat meat hammer, gentle. Mash the rest of the ingredients into a paste. Rub a small amount on each slice of fish, let set five minutes and then eat. This is good with fresh fruit or on lettuce leaves.


8 ounces                        tilapia, cut into small cubes, very small cubes

1 tablespoon                  celery, minced

1 tablespoon                  red onion, minced

1 teaspoon                      jalapeno, minced

2 tablespoons               cilantro, minced

1 clove                              garlic, minced

1                                     lime, juiced

1                                     orange, juiced

½ teaspoon                   sea salt

1 teaspoon                    granulated sugar

1 ounce                        sweet rice or apple cider vinegar

1 ounce                        corn oil

Combine ingredients and let marinade 15 minutes


8 ounces                        white mackerel, small cubes, very small

2                                     lemons, juice

6 ounces                        pineapple, small dice/mince

6 ounces                        tomato, no seeds, small dice/mince

1                                    green bell pepper, minced

2 cloves                        garlic, minced

6 stalks                        green onion, thin sliced from root to pale green part

1 tablespoon                        poblano pepper, minced

½ teaspoon                        jalapeno, minced

½ ounce                        mint, leaves

½ ounce                        cilantro, leaves

1 teaspoon                        sea salt

1 ounce                        Worcestershire sauce

5 ounces                        olive oil

Combine ingredients in large bowl and refrigerate. Let chill 30 minutes before eating. Presentation on this kind of ceviche would be nice in a martini glass with shredded lettuce. Also, if you have a mandolin slicer use this to cut very thin spaghetti style zucchini and carrots. Mix them with a little olive oil and coconut juice and then toss with the ceviche, serve as a light appetizer


8 ounces                        mahi mahi, almost minced

4 ounces                        ketchup

1                                     lime, juice

1                                     orange, juice

1 tablespoon                        chipotle

½ cup                                    cilantro, chopped

1 stalk                                    celery, minced

1 cup                                    cucumber, peeled, seeded and minced

1 teaspoon                        sea salt

½ cup                                    clam juice

1 ounce                        Worcestershire sauce

1 ounce                        olive oil

Combine ingredients and refrigerate 15 minutes. Serve with nacho chips or fried won tons. Also, something like this with the ketchup is good with fried plantains or fried sweet potatoes.


8 ounces                         red drum or snapper chopped

3 ounces                        young coconut juice

2                                     lemons, juice

1 ounce                        olive oil

½ cup                                    white onion, diced

1 cup                                    papaya, peeled, seeded minced

5                                    green tomatilla, chopped, par boil and drained

1 ounce                        soy sauce

1 ounce                        cilantro, chopped

1 teaspoon                        coriander

1 teaspoon                        Guajilla pepper

1 teaspoon                        sea salt

Combine and eat within a few hours. Keep chilled until ready to eat. You can eat it right away.


8 ounces                        sushi grade yellowfin or big eye tuna, thin sliced into strips

1 ounce                        ponzu vinegar

½ cup                                    seaweed salad with sesame seeds

½ cup                                    macadamia nuts, chopped

1/2 cup                        tomato, chopped

1/3 cup                        red onion, chopped

5 stalks                        green onion, chopped

1 tablespoon                        red chili pepper, chopped

2 ounces                        mushroom soy sauce

3 ounces                        firm tofu, chopped (one of the things for modern poke)

2 tablespoons            tobiko (flying fish roe, crunchy)

Combine ingredients and eat as soon as you can. It will hold overnight, but why wait? Eat this with chilled nishiki or jasmine rice, with pita bread, over lettuces, in a tomato or avocado.


8 ounces                        Chinook or sockeye salmon in season (best May to October)

2                                     limes, juiced

1 ounce                        mandarin olive oil (a mandarin orange olive oil)

Combine and set aside.

1                                    mango, peeled and minced

1                                    Asian pear, peeled and minced

1/2 each                        poblano and red bell pepper, minced

1 stalk                                    celery, minced

1 ounce                        cilantro, chopped

½ ounce                        basil leaves, chopped

10                                     chives, minced

½ ounce                        fresh ginger, minced

4 ounces                        white peach puree or unfiltered peach juice


8 ounces                         halibut, slice very thin, broad cuts into 10 slices

1                                    blood orange, juice

10                                     blood orange wedges, no pith or skin

1 ounce                        Spanish extra virgin olive oil

5 shots                        Cholula Sauce

1/3 teaspoon                        Hawaiian pink sea salt, coarse

10 leaves                        oregano, fresh, chopped

10 leaves                        mint, fresh, chopped

Lay the halibut slices under plastic wrap and gently pound so that the fibers in the meat separate just a little bit. Set the fish slices around on a plate and place an orange on each slice. Sprinkle with the juice, sauce, salt and herbs. All you need are green olives, cucumbers, peppers, artichoke hearts and you have a really impressive array of fresh foods.


8 ounces big eye or yellowfin tuna fillet, thin sliced

1 lemon, juiced or two tablespoons juice

1 tablespoon celery, shaved thin with microplane grater

3 cloves garlic, shaved thin with microplane grater

3 tablespoons red bell pepper, shaved thin with microplane

1 teaspoon jalapeno, shaved thin with microplane

1 tablespoon sundried tomato, thin sliced softened in hot water

10 leaves oregano, sliced

5 leaves basil, sliced

5 leaves mint, sliced

1/3 teaspoon sea salt

1 ounce Spanish or Tuscan olive oil

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