Love Song A.M.

In The Morning So Fair,
Towards My Love (w/classical guitar, osmanthus incense)
In the morning
you were fair
I felt towards you
this love
this day

(there’s a voice only version one as well

Screw it, nothing shared in a while, silence and me, and please for all spirit if you have hate to share then silence please. Sad people tend to think me mad, then read John Donne and say what is. I only want to share this love, gently, oddly only towards the angel of my sleep (share if you wish), really are not that many I feel close enough to to share beyond here but also that’s more work that the work,the art, the life of an artist singing good morning, that’s all. Sharing is a good thing. Please share. I fear raising the ire of too many again. I don’t mean like “screw it'” to you all here in lovely Word Press land. I have been in WP a long time and FINALLY more fearlessΒ poets and scammers are showing up It is heartening to read as many good and hopefully good poems as I have in the past month. Β Peace and Art on my companions. In Arr I love you all.

Please share

oops, towards the save for timeline later or straight to delete, and it is cool, it really is, live John Donne, Waltlvi Whitman, Saint John Perse, Novalis, Stefan Georg, Ambrose Bierce, Richard Brautagen, Kazantzakis, Hesse, Shelly, Keats, Byron, Tom Robbins, Patti Smith, Sylvia Plath, writings of Milarepa, Jim Harrison. I will not name all because they are vainly skipped across a lake while most having read and felt maybe two poems but hey, it’s all who are what they are, I’ve been called mad/crazy/weird since I was nine so what does it mean to me today, just more of the same from people who don’t try to read or understand, much less open the buried box of pain, but do try and they just cannot see my heart beating when the words strike and hurt or give me power, come, wave the wand and climb some climb walls to say 3 words, or leap from a second story window afterwards, yes I am guilty of all. We who are touched upon the forehead at birth have no control but to do our very best to create Love in and as Art. Yes Jason Biggers, I write a lot but I am also a fan of your work, your bloodless big brother, so what does that say my beloved one?. I have stood for your work many times. And will stand again in the future, no matter what. I applaud your brave ventures and the process of becoming. I wish more did.

Chromebook Facebook hates me and just deleted all I wrote for the FIFTH damn them! So if you received repeats hI aate the machine not me, though I know many just enjoy the man hoohaaa.

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