Ginger and Mint Tea for one who was a love

This is just a Southern Hillbilly song, nothing added, it is just a simple song, but something about I was touched when I finished and I felt compelled to share. Is it a true story? Who cares, enough are made up anyway and they are much larger than my life, and it’s fun to hear what I have said or done when I had not said or done anything remotely close to the story. I always wonder why a person tells lies to invoke the (th Amendment yet ignore the 11th as Christ becoming Jesus said to his disciples ” I give you a new Commandment, and that is to Love as I have Loved you.” Why lie when reality has been set on fire by a feet of darkest of angels released when the Groper in Chief, The Conversion Believing Dinosaur Cowboy or The Smirk. I wonder how parents explain their madness unless they themselves fell victim to the mass hysteria of fascism. Instead a sweet song to sing to any who are awakening. Just a sweet song and nothing more. We know what is coming. We cannot stop the horror.

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