Athens Spleen ‘017

Prose Poem: Athens Spleen ‘017

“This is the greatest happiness –to subdue the selfish thought of ‘I’.” (Shakyumani Gautama Buddha)

I wish I could I speak of it in terms doctors office readers of Psychology Today could understand, but even in 800 BCE it was hard enough to open the oyster shell of selfhood Vedic Brahmans thought theirs alone.Still do they just cover themselves in mud and forget Obscured by Clouds was a Pink Floyd album. This ‘I’ that has never been theirs alone yet claim to see into as if inner clones of Rimbaud’s barnyard wizardry. Be gone. Your space is wasted enough already. Let us open a new life, one that has no claim and no need to steal and fear what is that most precious of things: the words, the sentences, the cadences of those much better just hidden away, the love of thought, the love tea wrought, the love suspended above while thieves ravage the house looking for what’s left to walk away with pretend he was never here at all; and like Howlin’ Wolf you whistle by this graveyard glad you were never found out, glad the first six months of ’17 are gone. So Buddha knew. He was devoted to over come this ‘I’. Why did it occupy him so much? Because it is the greatest weapon of the dark one left in that vein and vessel stitched bad of tricks.
“If only the thoughts he directed to that which is right, then happiness must necessarily follow.” (SGB*)
If only I could speak of those who see a smile and find it offensive and name them for who they are if not to say ‘hey, there you go there you jargon king,go take go and don’t forget to kill what grew higher than you ever could could out of struggles and open graves you were too afraid to go alone’

imma gonna

Told Imma shame
keep the self expression down
silence my mind
stop exposing the underbelly
pull away from helping others
don’t do it
not cool man
imma not gonna do it
i love all way
too much to close
doors just ’cause
someone is disgraced
by my being me
i’m all i got
i write things here i hafta
keep with us
cause if my friends
see it their discomfort
grows and creates
a me
that does not exist

Ginger and Mint Tea for one who was a love

This is just a Southern Hillbilly song, nothing added, it is just a simple song, but something about I was touched when I finished and I felt compelled to share. Is it a true story? Who cares, enough are made up anyway and they are much larger than my life, and it’s fun to hear what I have said or done when I had not said or done anything remotely close to the story. I always wonder why a person tells lies to invoke the (th Amendment yet ignore the 11th as Christ becoming Jesus said to his disciples ” I give you a new Commandment, and that is to Love as I have Loved you.” Why lie when reality has been set on fire by a feet of darkest of angels released when the Groper in Chief, The Conversion Believing Dinosaur Cowboy or The Smirk. I wonder how parents explain their madness unless they themselves fell victim to the mass hysteria of fascism. Instead a sweet song to sing to any who are awakening. Just a sweet song and nothing more. We know what is coming. We cannot stop the horror.