Goodby D.C. Hello Siberi’a Mr. Sessions (and your screaming blue meanies)


This has the impression of the last movement of Berlioz, Symphony Fantastique, but it was unintentional. It was fun , the more I thought of Sessions going down for Russia connections and dirty Beauregard deals the more I got into the piano beat halfway in. For a dark march to the gallows pole, I had fun. Hope you do as well.


A Place Called Here…A Place Named Home

Be Happiness, Be Hope, Be the Love that our dear ones need, but we are also human, and it ain’t easy, money, time, place, the unknown. I fail. I try. I fail again. I try again. I do think I a…

Source: A Place Called Here…A Place Named Home

and I will love you as you are

deeper, more of a passion that waits and grows no weaker


Hinudstani Trance and Play

It is what it is and I had a blast playing it. Hope you enjoy.