Chef Lamar’s Iron Grill (Food You Want To Eat; World Comfort Food)

We have settled affairs and will be opening a new restaurant in Athens, GA
Lamar’s Iron Grill. It is NOT in Downtown Athens. After a lot of research we decided on being outside of the central city. Parking, building design, neighborhoods, open deck, easy access to the loop and to Downtown all factored into our location. 1155 Mitchell Bridge Road in what is called The Arbor, next to The Arbor Salon.

I am in a partnership with David Clapp, owner of Dantanna’s and Cafe Tu Tu Tango. He is an old friend and one of the sharper restaurant minds that I know. This is something that makes me very happy. I am continuing forward with my take on World Cuisine this time by moving my favorite aspects of Pan Asia into the same field as Southern. We will be doing a lot of small plates of various seafood, oysters, pink curry green shell mussels, ceviche, tataki, crudo and carpaccio with Southern relishes and pickles relating both to Korean and Georgia style, bridging the gap of sweet and sour.
Stocks are all dashi and pho style. Rice cake pasta (gnocchi is similar to this).
Even going to do a take on mac and cheese, really. Whole pig roast every Thursday (cooked in a Caja China box). Pork and apple egg rolls. Linguisa sausage and purple yams, pork loin with garam masala and grilled pineapple.
Not a lot of seafood on the main menu itself as I will have to do this completely market based, hence seafood will continue to be a featured favorite by always being a “special”. The small plates/tapas/bites will have a lot of truly fresh seafood which means the specials and ceviche/crudo will have some of the same species but in different styles.
My whole affection for Hawaiian and Carolina coastal fish is always at the forefront of the food. The meats will continue with hormone, antibiotic free, slow growth fowl, local Rhode Island Red Hen eggs; duck eggs will make a
few appearances. Nothing is more pleasurable than looking at what is ordinary and extraordinary and bringing them together into same plate. I feel like I have always been pushing towards a kind of World Comfort Food, and this is a progression deeper into the bright flavors and warmth of what is modern cuisine

8 Replies to “Chef Lamar’s Iron Grill (Food You Want To Eat; World Comfort Food)”

  1. Hey man, thanks for the nice response! Thanks for having a great blog, too!

    Here’s a little gift for your readers…a 10% Discount Code – YQ6WD8ED. Ya’all can use this code at the link below, to pick up a copy of the cookbook.

    If anyone wants to buy multiple copies, contact me for a larger discount!

    La Caja China Cooking –

    Thanks again!



  2. I am really looking forward to the new Restaurant and wish you all the success in the world.
    Lot of hard work ahead of you but you are used to being very busy.

    I am very proud of you.



  3. Wow, can’t wait! My girlfriend and I are moving back to Athens after a year absence and cannot wait to try the new place! Always really loved East West, but this sounds amazing. Market based seafood plus a weekly pig roast? Nice, count us in.


  4. I cannot wait for this to open! Living on the Westside, the closure of HB’s was a huge shift. There simply are not many good “non-chain” places to eat out there. So, I will be one of your first customers when you open, and I will be a frequent customer. Thank you!!!!!!


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