Ghost Music The Center of A Phase


]Dig this. This is what I am talking about when I speak of music reaching for the distance of the heart to God, there is none, but many of us try to destroy this blessed assoiation and all I can do is see it in just about everything I do: presence. When the asshat patrol cruises through and lays an electric earth on top of a spiritual phase, out of the nocturnal into dawn. I hope someone finds pleasure in this, I pray I find my angels Raphael and Padre Pio on a good day. I find I am in the margins talking to none but the Lord in the bardo, I am drifting and it feels the touch of my protector Angels and Saints, let me know your way, let me know this bardo state, this purgatory, and I pray, meditate that time itself lets go and I just get to enjoy a song for a while And that is what this was born from just minutes ago, this is my soul in the morning light. Where is yours? If it is work, that’s cool, just remember to let your heartbeat with the love of our Lord, of Love and Patience. Create or destroy, we must move the flesh that blocks our journey to faith. always moving and building, andΒ  it is alright. Put a bit of faith in all we do, hunh? How about it? Hope Faith Love and a good laugh from time to time.

And that is what I am doing here, hoping this song gives you a smile. Please. Just a little bit, edges curved upwards, top teeth shining through to greet the part of us that is Rising, Rising towards what is Holy every day.


ThankΒ  you Saints Raphael and Padre Pio, the Compassionate heart ofΒ  Christ the Lord, and the patience shown by Mother Mary. Thank you. Thank the Holy Spirit which unties us all.

Don’t freak out or back away from me, alll I am doing is basically repeating blessed writings and meditations. Trying to play as much as I can while I am able, while I am here.

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