Berlioz Haunted Dawn, Happy Dream of Apple Execs on the Scaffolds

After two days of the new Apple OS update I thought of what I wanted, I wanted Berlioz, the psychedelic nightmare and rapture of his Symphony Fantastique or whatever spelling. I just kept hearing it and I have not listened to it in about ten years, it’s just one of those symphonies that I may have over played in my early years of discovering the glorious and powerful intellectualism and heart, soul, that is in symphonic music on down to quartets, duos and solo. But Berlioz. I want Apple execs to be in line behind Marie Antoinette. Let them use Windows they said. ha! Apple was for the people, not you Duck McScrouges rolling in your vaults of gold and diamond.

Yeah, Apple execs and their investment advisors each lined up behind the court of the sun king during the bloody and often confused French Revolution. But I can dream and play what I imagine the sight, all nods to the mad Berlioz who laid that phantasmagoria of a symphony of us that for some reason always comes to mind when I think of greed and hate for the people, just what is justice, what is the law? The law? We see it today all around the world. And we had two chances in 40 years to change things for the best but our leaders misled us, what are we to do, we let these things happen and here we have it today even worse. So I see a relation between them all, I just do. Cause and effect is not simply one thing upon another. Any belief otherwise is just blindness and hubris. So were my wonderful Camel nonfileter years, that sometimes, though kllers in ninja smoke, I would love to lean back and just exhale in pure delight in how great it was to smoke. And I quit because I wanted to live longer with a woman who hated me, as I thought it greatest gift I could give her, to quit smoking. Glad I never went back. it is weak to return both to the source of hatred and to the satisfaction of a fresh Camel non filter, as I watch Apple execs roll one by one into the basket next to Louis and Marie.

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