Shanghai Sunset 1805, Zones Concerto

Shanghai Sunset 1805, Zones Concerto

A mix of Chinese and Western Classical instruments for composition of a contemporary, 21st century, concerto. The beginning was a mess. I worked till near dawn. Slept a few hours dreamt I was wrestleing the great bear, the constellation, in a stand of bamboo, it went on for a dream time while, my old Great Pyrennees dog Lonnie (short for Bastion of Avalon purebred thing), his parents had killed a bear while guarding their sheep farm over in Sonoma Valley.
I lived in Mendocino at the time, hence the wonder of this beauty of a 130lb white and silver dog crashing through the bamboo to fight the bear and ….I woke up. And this is what happened as a result of this wonderous dream story.
Please Share. I am sure for some it is a bothersome fly on the windsheild and is brushed aside to the darkness of “hide from timeline”, but I hope you do not and in the end find pleasure in this mix of east and west from a place out of where dreams are born.

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